When we designed our new home, we carved out a little room specifically for me to become my office.  It is quite small because, well … our closet is sooo big! #YayForMe

Anyhoo ~ seeing as I’ve been unpacking for days, I have only minimally decored my office as I plan on adding all sorts of fun accessories to it.

[ similar ruffled hoodie | similar denim | concho cuff bracelet <<< last one!  Use code 45OFF to get it at 45% off retail price | repousse earrings <<< last pair!  Use code 45OFF to get them for 45% off retail price | sandals ]

As much as I want to hurry things along and get everything in order, I try not to rush as I really want to study the space before I start to poke too many holes in the wall and/or position heavy furniture in a certain space.

I’ve actually been “holding” on where to place this picture of Valentino and I as, even though it was gifted to me by Photography.com,  it has become a special picture to me because Valentino was only a few months old when this was taken and had just been introduced into our family.

So I’ve wanted to give some thought about its placement …

… because this is really my special picture and is mainly for me to enjoy.

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So as I determine which of two rooms I’m considering hanging this in,  my office  …

… or MY oops, I mean *OUR*  closet …

*** sneak peek below at my ridiculously fab shoe wall.  ……… Too much??! 

I think I know exactly where to hang it.

Which I’ll show you very soon via video along with the rest of our home.  Happy Friday, everyone!  Go out and make it a picture perfect day.  XO!