But It Was For Fashion

When the hubby's away ... his car shall stray. [ similar studded biker jacket | similar denim | similar Greek fisherman's cap | LAGOS Signature Caviar earrings c/o | similar boots ]     Oh, honey.  Now you know I would never let your treasured beauty out...

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Thanksgiving Stress

Does it look like the fact that my home is a complete mess,   ... [ nope hoodie c/o | sunnies | similar denim | watch c/o | bracelet | tote c/o | similar booties ]   I haven't purchased any food yet for the forthcoming Thanksgiving dinner ... that I will...

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Another Look-See

Although I had not worn it yet, this faux fur vest actually arrived weeks ago and has hung in my closet silently mocking me for not realizing its potential. [ faux fur vest c/o | similar faux leather jeggings | similar sunnies | LUXE Collection necklace |...

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When Soft Surroundings Comes To Town

Soft Surroundings started as a catalog business and was founded in 1999.  Their unique clothing collections are developed with your comfort AND style in mind and it's only been the past couple of years that Soft Surroundings decided to bring their catalog...

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Santa Fe In The Fall

I just LOVE Santa Fe in the fall. [ velvet fox jacket c/o | similar dress | similar sunnies | ava clutch c/o | FAB large cross pendant...

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Cold Windy Mornings

Oh ~ Mother Nature. You must have been confused when you thought I said I was a fan of wind.  ... BRRRRRR   #ColdWindyNewMexicoMornings [ windowpane coat c/o | pearl beaded sweatshirt c/o | similar pant | crossbody bag | similar sunnies | similar boots ]  ...

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Introducing The LUXE Collection

Now, you all know that wearing fabulous Native American jewelry is my jam.  ... also know as "My Thing", for those of you who don't know what "My Jam" means. #ImTalkingToYouHoneyHusband My love for Native American jewelry was the inspiration behind...

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Blue Mood

Why the blue mood? [ V-neck zip front jacket c/o | printed denim c/o | Naja necklace...

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Collaborative Workspaces & Resimmercial Design

So admittedly ~ today's blog post/video is unlike any that I have ever done before because today I won't be sharing anything about my love for 'XYZ' brand and/or where to score 'such and such' deal ... ... although the FAB earrings that I'm wearing below...

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Black Label Scores

Hey, Guys!    ... and by 'Guys' I mean the MEN that follow the blog.  [ Chico's vest - sold OUT! But this one is similar and I scored it, too! | similar sunnies | similar turtleneck | similar pants |...

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Hands Free Chic

Your Mom called. [ long shirt c/o | similar Greek fisherman's cap | similar pants | sunnies | fanny pack - old | similar boots ]   She wants her fanny pack back. It used to be that wearing a fanny pack basically implied that you were on your way to...

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Life Currently Under Construction

I'm pretty sure I haven't talked about this on the blog yet, but my hubby and I are in the process of selling our existing home and building a new one ... an urban condo, actually, that is part of a really fantastic mixed-use project my husband is involved...

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Crushin’ On Velvet

Can we talk about the fabness of velvet for just a quick sec? [ velvet dress/tunic c/o | similar sunnies | denim |...

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