So there I was.  Totally chillin’ in my home … with full makeup on … when my girlfriend, and fashion designer, Dara from Hopeless + Cause Atelier, decided to stop by.  I LOVE when she does this because Dara is the kind of GF that, even if I haven’t seen her for quite some time, we just  naturally pick right up from where we left off.

On this particular visit, we started to reminisce about the first time we were invited to attend NYFW together and the fun that we had rooming together and preparing for the shows. It was right then and there that we decided to shoot a video so that I could share with you “that FAB scarf tying tip” Dara taught me in NY that I will never forget. The reason I love this styling tip SO much is that is perfect for travel and those situations where you just don’t want to pack a lot of “stuff”, but yet want to have the flexibility of creating multiple looks.

So, please just click on the arrow below so you can see just exactly what I’m talking about  Then come on back so I can show you another unusual scarf tying trick.


Pretty fun, right?  Here’s another look at how I styled that Desigual scarf.  I’ve styled it this way many times over the years with multiple other scarves that I own and I always receive compliments on the look.

Now ~ this video got me to thinking about a trip I took to Paris years ago when I stumbled onto a beautiful little boutique that I have returned to many times.  What caught my eye on that first trip was a mannequin in the window that had what I thought was a separate top with a  matching neck scarf.  Upon further review, I realized they were both one in the same!  #TheFrenchAreJustSoFab

Below is a styling example of what I saw.

I’ve recreated this French boutique look by using my MAIR Regal Scarf, which is slightly smaller than the larger Desigual scarf from the video. Here’s how easy it is to do:

  1. Hold the scarf horizontally and fold over at the top to determine the proper length for your “top”.
  2. Wrap it around your back, cross it and bring the ends up over your shoulders.
  3. Bring the corners around to the front of your neck and tie … (* this styling looks best with something worn over it)  …. and VOILÀ!  #ChicAsChicCanBe

  Just a little somethin’ to start your week off right.   #EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy



W H Y   D O N ‘ T   Y O U   G O   G E T   Y O U   S O M E ?



*** Video via Sky Turtle Creative