Also Known As: Mr. Disinterested
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We’re currently working on this thing called a leash …

and going for a walk with one.

Now, he doesn’t always go in the right direction …

and he gets easily distracted … by things like birds chirping, cars driving by … rocks … but that’s ok because he is still a puppy.  I love this new little addition to our family so much and would be devastated if he somehow went missing.

So, even though he has a dog collar with his name on it, and I plan to get him microchipped, there’s still an extra layer of protection I can provide for him and that is MyEndlessId Pet.

MyEndlessID Pet uses advanced Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology which allows animal rescuers, vets, and even good samaritans to access your pet’s critical medical and health information and will then send you a direct alert that your pet is in trouble.

And I, of course, want to receive that alert immediately so I could retrieve him and/or allow him the proper care.

I mean, do you not see this sweet little lovie face???   


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