I can’t even tell you how many requests I receive to do Instagram round-ups.  SO many requests, I’m considering making this a monthy thangYou could … umm … just follow me on Instagram. Anyhoo …

Before I do so, however,  I must apologize for being a tad bit missing in action the past few days and if you follow any of my social media platforms (IG included) then you saw that I was very busy doing a ridiculous amount of self promotion.

But you would too, if you discovered you were highlighted on Chico’s blog, Inside Chic.  OMG!

That’s right.  MOÍ ~ on Inside Chic!  Words cannot express how thrilled and excited … not to mention, honored, I am.  OH, I can also be spotted in the Chico’s Holiday 2016 catalogue and I intend to tell you all about itnext week. 🙂

In the meantime, let me address the requests for a peek at a few of my recent IG posts. I do confess to being a little more loosey-goosey over there and often my posts on IG never make an appearance on the blog … mainly because IG posts tend to be singular events.  This being said ~ let’s do a quick IG round-up:

I posted that I recently discovered Jane Iredale Lipstick c/o Soft Surroundings.

My fave color is Robin, which was made exclusively for SS after their Founder, and this shade will look so good on you ~ you’ll soon become very attracted to yourself.

I finally created a Snapchat account …

and have been snapping my latest finds with all my tween followers.  Thank Goodness for those tweens because otherwise I really wouldn’t have any followers there.  Apparently tweens are easily entertained … that, or they’re laughing at me.  #TheLatter


I snapped up quite a storm about these …

fab rose gold mules that I wore with my frayed hem denim#RockinTheTrend

This turned out to be a very popular post.


I’m assuming it was because of the hot bag.

I posted this pic, as well as an Insta Story, when I was in route to my VIP seat at Phoenix Phoenix Week.


Where I had the absolute pleasure of watching my friend, and FABULOUS designer, Laura Tanzer

WIN Contemporary Designer of the Year!  #YouGoGirl


I then immediately zipped off to Fashion Week Los Angeles to watch local designer and my gal pal, Hopeless + Cause Atelier


have her first LA show there.  I even got to hang around backstage!   You should follow her @hopelesscauseatelier.  She’s goin’ places!


If you are shoe lace challenged, or just want to zhuzh up your sneaks …

then you’ll love this no-tie lacing system from HICKIES.   #Brilliant


Additionally brilliant is my skirt c/o Zigida and I’ll soon be sporting this brilliant dress as well. I love to pattern mix and the fabrics Zigida uses are so colorful and fab.

WARNING: pattern mixing makes you hungry.

WHEW! So that’s it, friends.  My brief, and possibly new monthly IG round-up, concludes.   HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone!


*** please, no one discover my Twitter account.  Oy!