* ATTENTION fellow fashion lovers and doggie lovers ~ today’s post is for YOU!


That’s right.  Today’s post is a bit different than my usual fashion, lifestyle and/or beauty posts but yet … similar.  Huh? … Stick with me friends.

Ok, now you know that your dog is the friendliest, cutest, loviest doggie ever, right? You also know that you want the best for your   dog and want them to be safe and comfortable. But let me ask you, have you ever secretly wanted to also step up your dog’s fashion game?  Yes, I just typed the words “dog’s fashion game”.  Well then ~ allow me to introduce you to the WagSwag Harness from Charlie and Spike.

WagSwag harnesses are designed for maximum comfort and style and have special features to enhance the fit to your dog. Features such as, no tugging at the neck or cutting under your dog’s front legs. My dogs love them!  But what I love about them is their interchangeable Fashion Fronts which allows you to change the front of the harness so that your dog is properly styled and suited up for every occasion.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.  I treated both of my dogs to reflective WagSwag harnesses and they wore them on a recent early morning walk around the golf course.

These pictures were taken fairly early and we actually used the flash … which explains the less than great quality of the pics  … but does show the fun, and much needed, reflectiveness of the fashion front. 



Now, I love both of my dogs with all my heart, but this little dude …

is special and has been with me longer than my husband has!  #PreHusband 

And because he’s been with me so long (nearly 17 years now!) he has seen many of my looks and I have seen many of his … the santa suit, the winter snow shoes and the ever changing doggie Halloween costumes … so I always enjoy seeing him in other memorable looks.

To change a look, all you do is pull the corner to remove and

apply another one.  It’s that simple.

So, here’s my little guy in the Tuxedo Bow Tie front and we are offically ready to go out on the town.

Super cute, right?   You can view all of the other Fashion Fronts options here.  This is such a brilliant and inexpensive way to create a dog wardrobe because you only need to purchase one harness and then purchase as many different fronts as you so desire!

But the main reason why I wanted to tell you about Charlie and Spike’s products was to share with you that for every “I’ve been rescued” fashion front that is sold, C&S donates 50% to pet rescue programs … and I think that makes Charlie and Spike Fashionable, Functional and Fabulous! 🎉

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