A few weeks ago, I started adding INVINCIBLE root cell anti-aging serum from Farmacy Beauty into my skincare routine …

and I’m so glad that I did because I ♥ it SO much!

I ♥ it so much, not only because Farmacy Beauty gifted it to me to try (and I do have a mild obsession with Farmacy Beauty ~ proof is in the puddin’ here and here) but because INVINCIBLE Serum plays so well in the sandbox with all of my other skincare products and because

I quickly noticed the results ~ especially in the hydration department.

* about to get all technical on you * …  INVINCIBLE Serum has a triple hyaluronic acid technology which boots the skins natural moisture.  It seals the moisture at the skin’s surface, it encourages the production of anti-oxidants and promotes the creation of collagen and elastin.

INVINCIBLE Serum also is powered by Echinacea Green Envy™ (that’s echinacea above) which contains the highest known concentration of photochemical Cichoric Acid and Cichoric Acid normalizes skin pigmentation and helps to promote an evenly toned complexion.

* back to speaking like a normal person again * … I just like how my skin looks and feels.

I also really like how  INVINCIBLE Serum has a self-dozing bottle

that when you twist it once, draws the exact amount of serum that you need to cover your face.

Then you just place it in the palm of your hand, warm the serum with your fingertips and

apply directly to your face morning and/or night with an outward pressing motion.  Easy.

Total side note: I also started using the Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm from Farmacy Beauty in the evening and it, too, is doing a noticeable job on my face because the guy at the grocery store recently referred to me as MISS instead of the usual, MA’AM.  Hey. Was he flirting with me?

If you think that INVINCIBLE Serum is something you might like to try (see the awesome before and after’s here) ~ it retails for $65 and can be purchased at Farmacy Beauty, Sephora and QVC.

*** Thank you to BrandBacker and Farmacy Beauty for sponsoring this post. I was gifted the INVINCIBLE Serum to try and this is my honest opinion. #farmacybeauty