Soft Surroundings started as a catalog business and was founded in 1999.  Their unique clothing collections are developed with your comfort AND style in mind and it’s only been the past couple of years that Soft Surroundings decided to bring their catalog to real life by opening brick and mortar retail stores around the country. Currently they have opened stores in roughly 35 states with many more to come.

So when SS reached out to me a few months ago to invite me to their latest store opening here in Albuquerque, New Mexico I was beyond stoked!  You see, I’ve been a fan for many years and many a SS product hangs in my closet, sits on my vanity and/or is displayed in my home.  Huh?  Yessss friends, Soft Surrounding isn’t just clothing … but more on that in just a smidge. 

Our store grand opening was last Friday morning and what makes these openings so special is that Soft Surroundings gives the first 100 customers a FAB swag bag filled with SS goodies and the word was out on the street, as the crowd started to form early in the AM and crazily wrapped down and around the block.

Being a world famous fashion blogger  that I’ve had a lovely, collaborative relationship with SS for a few years now, they offered me early access inside the store ahead of the hundreds of people patiently waiting outside. #LoadsOfSideEye   Once inside, I was able to get the lay of the land and quickly plotted my shopping path because once those doors opened I knew it was going to be a shopping zoo. 

And minutes before security actually opened the doors, I had a brief moment of panic wondering where exactly I should position myself for what was about to go down.  … as I posted on IG. 

*** The crisis was averted once I realized that Soft Surroundings was serving champagne and yummy macaroons they flew in specially  for this event.  



And so the fun MADNESS began!  I first headed to the jewelry department, because even though I do have my own jewerly collection, I truly believe that we all need a vast jewelry wardrobe.

There was a huge selection to choose from and I did spy something that I’m adding to my Christmas Wish List.

Luckily for me Santa follows the blog.



As I mentioned, SS is all about clothing that is comfortable and stylish and I learned that all of their fabrics are ranked for softness … which you immediately discover once you touch something.

You may not know this, but Soft Surroundings  also sells furniture, rugs, home decor and FABBBBB bedding collections.

This is what I imagine snuggling with a cloud would be like.



And a great selection of Holiday decorations.

But my fave part of the store is their beauty bar, where they offer SO many products for your face, hair, body and for your overall well-being.  There’s also a full team of beauty experts just waiting to answer any question that you might have.

[ soft surroundings cardigan c/o | soft surroundings boots c/o| Navajo heart pendant <<< NEW to the collection | Navajo pearl necklace <<< back in stock | Navajo ring | similar denim jeggings | similar crossbody bag ]
I just want to say thanks so much, Soft Surroundings for inviting me to the party!   I had lots of fun and I learned so much about more about your company mission, your amazing founder and your fab brand.

OH ~ and although I know that most of you readers are located all over the country, I did want to pass along something special to my fellow New Mexican readers.   Our new Soft Surroundings has something that NO other Soft Surroundings store currently has. We have what’s called the Style Suite which is a section where you can shop a collection of items that are only in the SS catalog and not actually stocked in the store.  When you shop the Style Suite items in the store, they will be shipped to your home for FREE! *** this IS special because if you shopped these items online, a shipping fee would be applied to your order.  #YayForNewMexico

And for those of you with inquiring minds and wondering just what exactly was in the swag bags ~ just clicky clicky on the below.  Happy Monday, everyone!