So admittedly ~ today’s blog post/video is unlike any that I have ever done before because today I won’t be sharing anything about my love for ‘XYZ’ brand and/or where to score ‘such and such’ deal 
… although the FAB earrings that I’m wearing below are finally back in stock!  #YAY

No, today is more about asking YOU a few questions about how you work.  Such as, do you work alone out of a home office?  Do you sometimes crave interaction with other people/peers and the ability to bounce an idea off of another human being?

OR if you work in a more traditional workplace, do you secretly wish that it wasn’t so stodgy and more conducive towards creative thought and collaborative work areas?    Well then, today’s post/video is for YOU.

Allow me to please introduce you to my dear friend and owner of WORKSPACE DYNAMICS, Mary.  … you may recognize Mary from her appearance on this video where she basically stole the show at the very end!

Anyhoo, Mary was running on minimal sleep and I wasn’t actually feeling very well, but she downed a coffee and I a donut so that together we could show you the latest in collaborative workspaces by visiting two really FAB local examples.

We’re also sharing why it’s SO important that the traditional workplace step it up a notch.  A HUGE notch, because employees nowadays want all the comforts of home, as well as the latest in technology,  and there’s even a word for it: RESIMMERCIAL.

See what we’re talking about and learn more about the latest in workspace trends by clicking on the arrow below.  ENJOY!


Got a work space that needs a kick in the pants but don’t know where to start?  Why not consider working with an expert, like Mary and/or your local KNOLL Dealership?  Who knows?  … you may even have fun in the process! 


*** Video via Sky Turtle Creative and sponsored by WSD. Special thanks to Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, FatPipe ABQ and Montgomery & Andrews Law Firm