After 4+ years of blogging, I have been invited to attend New York Fashion Week for 5 seasons now.  So when the asks started to come in again this season it was pretty much a no-brainer.  I must attend.

Normally when I go to FW, I travel by myself and capture my own images which are often not that great.  But THIS year I was able to bring my assistant who, not only happens to be studying Business Marketing, she also happens to be pretty good with a camera and had never been to NYC before which made the trip even more fun. She was thrilled to join me and was basically glued to my hip.

As I’ve mentioned before, NYFW moves at a very fast pace and the venues are now all over the city so there is lots of walking, lots of cab hailing and limited time in-between.  This all being said, here’s how my recent 4 day trip to NYFW SS18 all went down:

Day One
First stop, a visit to Alterre Shoes breakfast launch of the latest additions to their collections.  Alterre Shoes are interchangeable!  Learn all about them here.
We then did a swing-by to see my FAB friends at Chico’s who gave me exclusive access to a behind the scenes sneak peek of part of their holiday campaign.

They were in the middle of shooting their fun Chic-To-Chic series with Actress/Comedian, Kim Coles, and Lifestyle and Fashion expert, Tanya Foster, (Tanya and I have quite a bit in common. but two commonalities that stand out to me are that we both share of love of Chicos, as we have each had the pleasure of appearing in their catalogue, and that we also share a love of Texas) who stopped to visit and giggle with me a bit. I think Tanya is great!

I’d share more images of the fun accessories on this table that will be available for Holiday but I pinky sweared to keep them on the down-low … so … you know, it was a pinky swear and all. 
After Chico’s, I spent the rest of the afternoon viewing and visiting a variety of showrooms to consider new products for my blog shop and I was able to secure the most luxe items  … and I’m all giggly and excited to share them with you!
Day Two:
Did a quick morning walk through Times Square where I took multiple pictures of my Build A Head in random places, like this one.
I then cleaned up and headed to my first FW show of the day; Galti by Galtiscopio that I was running majorly late for.

And even if you have a seat, when you arrive late ~ you stand at the back of the line.  Watch the show here.

I was then excited to meet up with Chico’s again for a fantastic lunch in Chelsea where I decided that if I was to ever move to the big city, Chelsea is where I would want to be.

After lunch I changed again, this time grabbing my Lucia clutch from Italisan that I carried to most of the shows at NYFW. What I love most about Italisan is that their bags are produced in limited quantities and without that “exclusive” price tag.


I then attended a Style Fashion Week show at Pier 86 …


and wrapped up the day/night at the Michael Costello show.  #SWOON


Day Three:
Took a quick run in Central Park  …
and got ready for what was the busiest day of my trip.  I started off heading out to the Taoray Wang runway show …
… where I hooked up with what many consider to be my Instagram twin, Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun. I LOVE Dawn and we often wear the same items.  She’s also a bit of a ham like myself .. so, yeah … we get along perfectly!
My fave look from the show is below.  #GetInMyClosetNowBelt

When the show was over, I exited to discover a slew of photographers on the street. I looked into the crowd of photogs and immediately spied Denton Taylor, professional photographer and life-long NYC resident.

Now ~ one can run and one can hide from Denton Taylor ~ but the odds are he will capture your image long before you are aware of it. I stuck my head out of the crowd of attendees to see if he was there  only to realize that he, and his lens, was already a step ahead of me  … CLICK!  He got me.  … Thank you, Denton!  #YoureTheBest


I then ventured to my last show of the day ~ Yuna Yang. It was held outdoors on the upper East side, was really quite lovely and this was my favorite look of the show.

Now ~  I had to quickly get back to my hotel room to change for THE party of NYFW.  I’m talking about, of course, the rewardStyle party. All bloggers know rewardStyle because it is the affiliate program you want to be a part of (of which, I am) and you also want to be invited to the party (of which, I was!)

It was there where I partied my Saturday night away with Dawn as well as with many of my other fun blogger friends such as Cathy, Shauna and Sheree … just to name a few.

Day Four ~ Last Day

Ok. I’m already exhausted and totally ready to go home at this point but one of the main reasons I wanted to come to NYFW this particular season was to see and support my friend Dara from Hopeless + Cause Atelier as she was showing her collection for the very first time in NYC.

Dara has made numerous appearances on my blog over the years (her last appearance here) and she gifted me with a front row seat for her show at Society Fashion Week. I’m SO proud of my friend and wouldn’t have missed her show for the world!

So that wraps up my latest excursion to NYFW.  I look forward to seeing you next season, NYC!  Until then ~  I sleep.