I downloaded pictures from my camera earlier this week only to discover that there were three … THREE  … outfits that I had never even shared with you.   wait. What?

[ similar sunnies | floral jumpsuit c/o | bag | similar cuff *** pre-owned | similar earrings | similar booties ]
[ similar sunnies | dress c/o | bow guard cuffREVERSIBLE earrings | similar lace booties ]
[ similar sunnies | floral top c/o | similar denim | Sleeping Beauty turquoise earrings | cuff | similar clutch | similar booties]


And seeing as how the morning weather here in New Mexico is just starting to get a smidge nippy, I am *this* close to packing most of these clothes and shoes away for the season.  … egads. Are the seasons already close to changing?


Now, also discovered on this camera download was the fact that I had also not shared the latest news from Frownies. … geezypeasy.  WHERE exactly has my brain been? 

If for some reason you’re not familiar with Frownies, they are THE original wrinkle treatment patches created waaaay back in the day (1889 as a matter of fact) and I’ve used their facial patches for eyes & mouth, for forehead & between eyes and their rosewater hydrating spray many times over the years.

And had I had my act together I would have shared much sooner that Frownies has now jumped into the mask game with a new repairing full facial mask as well as a FAB neck treatment mask.  … again.  I guess I’m just haven’t been thinking clearly.

Frankly, the truth is I’ve just been busy.  VERY busy.  So as this week comes to an end and the weekend begins, I plan on doing a whole lot of NOTHING and knocking a few years off my face.  How ’bout you?