When you write a fashion, lifestyle & beauty blog, you often receive many gifted items and products from brands and companies to try and to review.  You also don’t, however, always have the time do conduct a proper and thorough review of these products …and this is SOOO not a good thing as I have been stockpiling oodles of beauty products that have been gifted to me over the past few weeks.

So when my husband recently announced that he would be traveling for two weekends in a row,  I excitedly broke those beauty products out.

Yep, that’s right.  When the hubby is gone ~ the beauty products go on.


Now, I wasn’t able to review ALL of the products that I have received but I did experience and enjoy 8 fab products.  So here is the 411 of each of these totally “worth trying” products.

Starting with the Color-Correcting Collection from RG Cosmetics.

Ok, I’m starting with this color correcting collection because out of ALL of the products I tried, this was my favorite. I LOVE the results!

I used the silver/blonde collection which is designed for color-treated hair.  It specifically targets the brassiness your hair can turn in-between colorings and will help to keep your color looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

I was actually mildly freaked out about putting something purple in color on my blonde head …

but I was so pleased with the results and have used it many times over the past couple of weeks. My hair is soft and smooth and it just gives my in-between coloring hair a quick kick in the pants.  Learn more about my collection, and other RG Cosmetics products,  here.


I am enjoying the Resculpting System from Cell-U-Logic.



This 3 piece Green Coffee Resculpting System works synergistically to tone, tighten and renew your skin’s appearance. Cell-U-Logic  uses the power of Liposomes to carry the benefits of Green Coffee deep into the inner layers of your skin to hydrate and firm at the cellular level.

You start with the Green Coffee & Seawed 2n’1 Soak & Scrub which relaxes tired muscles and will exfoliate and detoxify.  The next step is the Green Coffee Slimming Gel which, with regular application, helps to tone and refine the appearance of dimpled areas and you finalize this process with the Anti-Aging Body Repair Cream which helps to reverse free radical damage and generate collagen.

The products are to be applied to areas that you find problematic and can even be applied under the chin! Learn more about this rescupting system, and all about the benefits of green coffee, here.


Why am I about to talk about what appears to be a basic ‘ole toothbrush … you might ask?


Well, because this travel Antimicrobial Toothbrush with flossing bristles from Mouth Watchers is not your average toothbrush.

As someone who had to endure months of deep periodontal scaling treatments years ago,  I have become a bit of a dental hygiene freak!

What is fab about this particular toothbrush is that it has antimicrobial bristles that can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria that grow on bristles in-between use as well as flossing bristles that reach deep into your periodontal pockets to sweep away food and plaque to help avoid cavities and gingivitis.  #DoubleWhammy  Oh ~ and they’re priced under $6!  Get yours here


I’m loving these Konjac Sponges from Dew Puff.

These sponges are the modern version of one of the oldest, most traditional beauty tools in the world. Used for hundreds of years in Asia, today’s Dew Puff sponges are available in 3 varieties: Original, Asian Clay and Bamboo Charcoal.

Dew Puffs are a gentle, cleansing tool and when hydrated, they become exceptionally soft but yet will gently exfoliate your skin while creating a perfect PH balance on the surface of you skin. They will also help to brighten and even out your skin tone.

There’s a Dew Puff for every skin type, I’ve been using the Original, which works on all skin types ~ even babies!,  and can be purchased here.


Alogel from SMD Cosmetics is an awesome hydrating gel.

Since I live in one of the driest states in the country, I’m pretty much loving the fact that Alogel soothes and hydrates my skin and acts as a booster to enhance the next product you apply to your skin as part of your skin care regimen.


SMD Cosmetics is a luxury Korean skin care line and their INHYUNJIN collection is a celebrity fave.  Learn more here.


I now keep this Revive & Thrive Awakening Balm from Lather with me in my cosmetic bag.

This energizing aromatherapy balm is like a cheery wakeup call, brightening your mood and uplifting your senses.

Dab it on your pressure points, wrists, temples, forehead, under the nose, and breathe in uplifting aromas.

You can get yourself one, or three, here.


You will have made a super smart decision if you decide you want to try ANY products from Nudu Natural Beauty.


BTW ~ Here in New Mexico we like to say Mañana does not mean tomorrow … is just means “Not Today”  ~  (t-shirt can purchased here


Nudu’s products are NUDE and proud. They even provide you with a list of what you won’t find in their products. Nudu products will purify, balance and help your skin glow … but what I love most about their products is that women of all ages and ethnicities are loving them.  Read more about that here.

And the last fab product I tried while the hubby was away was Surf Spray from Clean Enhanced Organics.

If you’re looking for a salty, sun-dried, wind-swept beachy kind of product for your hair without actually having to make a trip to the beach itself, then Surf Spray is for you.

I like it because it’s formulated with organic kelp, lime and patchouli extracts, organic lime and birch essential oils and imported Dead Sea salts. PLUS it holds all day. The price rocks, too.

So that’s it, friends ~ WHEW.  Next time I shall not let these reviews sit because, frankly, all this beauty stuff was exhausting!  Happy Weekend, everyone!



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