Random, but true story … although it pretty much applies to today’s outfit. 

I just flew home from NYFW (which I’ll be recapping sometime later next week) … and because while one is at FW you literally run from one meeting/show to another, I had completely spaced on logging into Southwest Airlines 24 hours in advance to secure my boarding section for my next days return home flight. 

[ sweater | so slimming GF jeans c/o | sunnies | similar earrings | sandals c/o ]


When I finally did login I, of course, was assigned the dreaded “C” boarding section (C47 was my standing spot, to be exact) which meant that all of the good seats would undoubtedly be occupied.  As one might suspect, the only seats left on the plane were the middle seats and I plopped myself down in the first vacant seat that I saw, in-between 2 apparently good friends who were engaged in some  very lively conversation.

What I did not realize was that the subject matter they were bantering back in forth about was politics and they each sat on completely different sides of the fence ~ both steadfast on their respective  positions.

They laughed.  They ribbed each other  … one actually made the other quite mad.  Good Times I was having there in my middle seat quietly flipping through my Vogue magazine.

At one point, one of them turned to me and asked “So …what’s YOUR position on this?”

  … for which I politely replied “You know … in situations such as this, I think its best to remain neutral.”

Yeah.  Neutral is good.