So ~ yeah, sure.  Today I could have just spent time talking about how cute my vertical striped blouse is …

and/or how much I’m still lovin’ my GiGi New York tote and my fab patterned loafers.

But today I wanted to share an interesting story.

My husband left on Sunday for a business trip and although I always miss him when he travels, his absence normally allows for lots of “ME” time.  You know,  deep conditioning my hair time … watch whatever I want to time … eat anything I feel like eating time, etc.   But this trip turned out differently because only a few hours after he left, I woke to that mysterious chirp in the night.  You know what I’m talking about ~ the DREADED smoke detector battery starting to chirp sound! #TheWORSTSoundEver  #WhichONEIsIt 

So when that first chirp echoed through the house in the wee hours of the morning … (WHY is this, by the way???)  my heart sank, my stomach churned and all of my fears were in maximum overdrive because I realized that I couldn’t just do my usual and nudge my husband awake to handle it.  Nope ~ this time I’d had to leap into action, put my big girl pants on, break out the TALL ladder and handle this situation all by my little ‘ole self.

And although I only just last week received the below bracelets from MantraBand, that I just randomly selected without all that much thought or reason, figuring they would just look fun with some future outfit …

they have an entirely new meaning to me because somewhere between 1:15 – 2:00 in the morning, standing in my jammies and calming my shaking doggies, I suddenly realized I GOT THIS!  

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