Last on my block, I was, to delve into the flatform shoe trend.
[ no-iron blouse c/o | overalls c/o | flatforms c/o | backpack c/o | similar sunnies | rings 1 & 2 ]
But I’m actually now kind of lovin’ them …

I might even go so far as to call them comfy since your feet are technically flat when you wear them.  You could *almost* run around the block in them.

Yeah, uh … no … but they are cute. 

Now ~ what I wasn’t last on the block on, however, was planning on and preparing for the … and I mean THE biggest & best sale of the year! I’m talking about, of course, the Nordstrom 2017 Anniversary Sale.  I also refer to the #NSale as “the Beyonce of All Sales”. In other words, there is NO other … it is the Queen B of sales.

So what’s the big deal and why will you love it?

Even though it’s currently a million degrees outside and the last thing you’re really thinking about is fall  ~ the #NSale is the best way to get a head start on building your fall wardrobe at major discounts. Hundreds of new fall clothes are on sale before the season actually starts and the #NSale is considered to offer the best sales among any retailer for the entire year.

Now ~ if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, you get early access to this fab sale BEFORE the general public does and that early access begins TOMORROW, July 13.  If you’re somehow not yet a cardholder, you can get crackin’ on that process by applying for a card here.

As a cardholder, you have early access for a full 7 days before the sale will be open to the general public on July 21. You can shop it in the stores or online … but either way ~ you must shop it!  Check out the catalogue here.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing my top picks and favorites that are trending from this sale, as well as all the fall “basics” that the #NSale is perfect for stocking up on.

Once the #NSale is open to the general public, it will run for another 2-3 weeks but once it ends on August 6, everything that was on sale (IF there is anything left) will return to regular price.  ugh… < insert sad emoji face here > 

So, SEE?  Now you know why we shop it.  Until then ~ why not check out more cute flatform options?!  XO