As seen on the snowy streets ~ SHEARLING … and in my case, FAUX,  which I just prefer wearing.

* image source Pinterest

[ FAB sunnies | faux shearling jacket c/o | similar denim | ring c/o | similar purse | similar boots ]

Now I KNOW that shearling jackets, ripped jeans and no gloves don’t exactly mix well with snow,  however on this particular day the weather started off with snow only to melt about an hour later and then hit nearly 50 degrees.  Make up your mind, New Mexico! 

Something else I know is that my under $32 (!!!) faux shearling jacket mixes SUPER well with my currently stressed to the max VISA card.



O T H E R   F A U X  S H E A R L I N G   L O O K S   T H A T   M I X   W E L L :