Ok ~ so back in the day some 15+ years ago … one of my girlfriends was getting married and I was a bridesmaid. She was having an evening wedding and she wanted everything black and white ~ from her dress (white) to the bridesmaids dresses (black) … which, BTW, I selected the bridesmaids dresses and everyone secretly thanked me for because they were totally wearable outside of this wedding.  You’re welcome, girls … wherever you are … to the decor and place settings and to our teeth. That’s right, our teeth were to be WHITE.

My girlfriend negotiated a special “group discount rate”  with her dentist so that all of us, groom and groomsmen included, could have beautiful pearly whites still expensive at something like $700+.  So we all went into the dentist office and had laser whitening, along with impressions made of our teeth and were provided whitening gels so that we could touch up at home because, frankly, at that time these were the only options for teeth whitening.

Now, fast forward to today.  Did you know that you can completely skip all of these steps and get beautifully white teeth in the comfort of your own home?


Meet SmileBrilliant! ~ your direct resource for teeth whitening at home.

I long ago lost my teeth impressions however the whiteness of my teeth has held up fairly well … HELLO, Crest white strips … but I am a red wine, green tea, sport drink drinkin’ kind of gal and those strips can only do so much and now my teeth have become sensitive.So when SmileBrilliant! offered to gift me with an in-home, custom-fit whitening kit,  I was both excited and nervous.

My kit came with 2 custom-fitted trays, mix catalyst + base paste to create the impression of my teeth, pre-paid postage envelopes, complete and easy to follow instructions, professional teeth whitening gel AND desensitizing gel.  I was, admittedly,  fairly freaked out about thoroughly whitening my teeth again because, as I mentioned, they have become quite sensitive. This article helped – as did using the desensitizing gel. You apply the gel after you whiten your teeth and it temporarily seals micro-fractures and pores in your tooth’s enamel. It also replenishes essential vitamins and minerals lost during whitening treatment, and reduces the instance of re-staining following whitening procedures. 

So, first you want to create an impression of your teeth … here’s why that’s important … and you easily do that my making a putty out of the mix catalyst and the base paste.

You’re going to make both an upper and lower impression and each impression sits in your mouth for about 2 minutes.

Pretty much lived in this dress all summer long. I call it my cute, lazin’ around dress.


Then you let the impressions sit for about 30 minutes to fully harden, rise under cool water and

mail them off to the lab in the pre-paid postage envelope in your kit.

OH ~ and there’s one additional really important step you MUST do … discuss this entire whitening process with your dentist prior to ordering because when you mail these impressions to the lab, you complete a form indicating that you have, in fact, consulted with your dentist. You should also consult with your dentist first because, well … you’re an adult and the health of your teeth is your responsibility.

The lab will receive your impressions in 3-4 business days and your custom whitening trays will be sent to you within 5 days after receipt.

You then just follow the simple instructions on how to whiten and desensitize, if needed  your teeth based on the level of whiteness  you are trying to achieve. This below video provides easy step-by-step instructions on the entire process and this article offers useful advise on things you should know BEFORE you buy.


So, here’s how my teeth looked BEFORE and AFTER … after only two applications.


I am one happy camper and quite pleased with my results.

I am, however, taking this entire process s-l-o-w because if I feel the slightest bit of sensitivity, I will back off.

So, do you think your teeth could use a little kick in the whitening pants? Well then, check this.  The kind folks at SmileBrilliant! are giving one More Than Turquoise follower the chance to win their own custom-fit teeth whitening kit!  Just click here to enter.  Good Luck!

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Happy Smiling!  🙂


*** I was gifted this product to try.  All opinions are my own.  PLEASE discuss any teeth whitening program with your dentist prior to using.