I’ve partnered with nambé today to talk about entertaining in style …

and, seriously … what could be more stylish than anything from nambé?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been collecting nambé items for years and I often give them as gifts.  Did you know that nambé has been producing their fab products for over 60 years now and have won numerous design awards? Yep ~ and they’ve even shown in several museums all over the world.

So, I recently entertained another couple in style with a light meal by serving them with nothing but nambé.


And ‘Here’s to you, nambé’ because no one even noticed that I burnt the flatbread. 


Additionally, after an evening wedding in Santa Fe, a few of us had the late night munchies … 

and, again … I’m entertaining in style with nothing but nambé.

Confession.  I sometimes just have popcorn with gooey stuff drizzled on it and a glass of wine for dinner.  Am I alone here? 

So the next time you want to zhoozh up a meal or give someone a special gift, why not shop your local nambé store?


(*** Oh, and talk about zhoozhing something up, I’m interrupting this post to share that my amazing dresses are from CARLISLE and ETCETERA

and I got mine from my girl, Dawn.  If you don’t have local representation, Dawn can be your girl, too. Now THAT’S entertaining in style!  Ok, back to my post but I know you and you were wanting to know. #YoureWelcome)


One last quick reason why I love and have been collecting nambé all these years and then I’ve got something EXCITING  to share.  Many nambé products are multi taskers and can be used in ways that they might not have intentionally been designed for.

Here are just a few fun things you can do with the Drift Condiment Server:

A cool desk accessory/organizer.

A tidy way to display your toenail wardrobe  … and

even a fab new way to store your turquoise! #ThinkOutsideTheBox



And, here’s the exciting news … nambé wants to give one of you (at least, one of you with an Instagram account) the opportunity to think outside the box as well, with a $150 nambé gift certificate.  Pop on over to my IG account @moreturquoise for all the official scoop.

Good Luck ~ and may you entertain in style!  🙂