Now WHY exactly am I sporting this silly red nose?

Well, I’m just prepared for #RedNoseDay.

I recently learned of Red Nose Day while shopping at Walgreens, the exclusive Red Nose retailer.  Money raised through Red Nose Day helps to transform the lives of children living in poverty in the U.S. and Internationally and so far they have raised over 1 billion dollars globally!

So today, I just wanted to do a quick post to encourage you to purchase and wear your red nose …

get your red flair on (this could be red hair, red nails, red clothing, red accessories) rally family, friends and co-workers to raise money (you could start a fun-raiser), donate and share your #RedNose on social media.

But most importantly …

have FUN!

Learn all about this important cause here and watch the LIVE Red Nose Day special Thursday, May 26 on NBC.  #HelpEndChildHunger



*** Today, and my post on Monday, will be the last two posts where I will ask you to please vote for me to be on the cover of Redbook Magazine.  Thank you all SO much for your continued support.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  🙂