Just a quick blog post today to recommend that everyone consider watching the Beauty Report with Amy Morrison on HSN tomorrow night (Thursday, March 10, 2016 ~ airing schedule here ).  Why?

Well, because Dr. Annette Tobia, Founder and CEO of MEG 21 with Supplamine is appearing and will educate all of us on just what exactly Supplamine (and toxic sugar!) is … as well as launch their skincare line on HSN.

In a quick nutshell:

Supplamine inhibits Glycation  >>>  Glycation is the process by which sugar molecules bind to proteins and lipid AND is implicated in many age related diseases  >>>  Glycation (and inflammation) is/are a  major factor in the aging of skin  >>>  Products with Supplamine help prevent skin aging and wrinkling, stop glycation and inflammation AND boost collagen production. … WHEW!

My take-away with all of that is that products containing Supplamine should help prevent the signs of aging and make my skin look better.

And, so, as I start to pack for the Phoenix Fashion Week ~ Spring Into Style Show

I can assure you that these are the only full-sized skin products that are making it into my travel bag.

You see, the inside of my suitcase is considered precious real estate and full-sized anything takes up space … space where NEW SHOES could go … so I pack wisely and I will only bring something if I consider it to be a “must have”. 

I even kicked the full-sized hairspray to the curb and opted for my usual travel size.

Does anyone know when Mommy going to stop all this fashion stuff?  .

I’d like to thank Meg 21 Skincare for gifting me with the Moisturizing Cleanser, the Moisturizing Toner, the Smooth Radiance Face Treatment and the award-winning Eye Treatment to try and experience. The products are terrific!  Psst …you might find it interesting that many users have seen results within 14 days.
Yep. Read all about the science and the products to learn more.

And, although I have been posting a bit more on beauty products lately, the Meg 21 skincare products are the only products that have actually made it Into The Bag!  🙂