💗 Love Is In The Air! 💗

That’s right ~  I am, of course, talking about the forth coming Valentines Day that is less than 14 days away. #OMG and #YAY

Now, to me, Valentines Days is a special day to show the people in my life that I love them ~ especially my Honey. I decided that I would focus my blog post on a variety of Valentines Day gifts ideas that I think would not only be nicely received, but also might help those of you who need to get crackin‘ on the gift(s).

So let’s get started.  We all know that there’s nothing like the “go to” sweets.  How about something like

these hand-decorated Valentines Days cookies from Neiman Marcus, or

maybe this 3 lb solid dark chocolate heart that could potentially be enjoyed all the way until next Valentines Day. Sweets are always a way to someones heart.


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Know someone who enjoys lounging around in something comfy? 🙋

They would probably love receiving something like my super soft pajama set c/o Designer Intimates. Is that little dog cute or what?

Designer Intimates has been seen in InStyle, Refinery29 and The Lingerie Addict, just to name a few, and offers a huge selection of

lounge wear (mine), chemises (mine), lingerie, bras, panties and great menswear, too.  OH ~ and if you use code: MORE15 at checkout, you’ll receive 15% off your order.

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I hope my Valentine is paying attention today because anything from Rocki Gorman would make my Valentines’ Valentine v-e-r-y happy …

especially something in the color of love but be assured that just about any jewelry on Valentines Day is always remembered.

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Have you ever considered a special piece of art for a Valentines day gift?  Or other home goods?

I’m quite fond of local artist, Carolyn Angela Sue Klimansky-Moya.  All of her artwork takes you into the invisible worlds of soul and spirit and she is available for any sized commissioned pieces.  I know Angela personally and she beautiful both inside and out.

You can reach her here and here.

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And, lastly, although I do officially have a menswear background, more on all of that on a future blog post, sometimes guys just want something fun like this NFL Barware Man Crate from Man Crate.

Man Crate says “No” to the ugly necktie and heavy cologne and “Yes” to bragworthy gifts.   Check them out here.

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I could, of course, go on forever but hopefully I’ve helped close the gap as far as gift suggestions go. Tell your better-half they can rest easy.  🙂