When I attended New York Fashion Week this past September, I decided my business cards needed to be zhooshed up.  They were, frankly, pretty sad and certainly nothing to write home about.  I wanted to create something special and different …you know, something that would set me apart from all the other business card-toting folks.

So, I came up these:

I think I accomplished my goal.

I’ve done a few upgrades lately.  I recently updated the look of my blog and how it functions, made some changes to my logo, got the new cards … but I hadn’t updated the one thing that I carry with me every day ~ my cell phone cover. My cover, which had always been a promotion of my blog, still had old everything on it.  😱 😱 😱

So, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I received an email from my new BFFs at CaseApp asking if I had an interest in creating my own custom IPhone case on their very easy to use site … wait, is this really happening?  

I hopped online, used my new cards as my starting point …

… and created THIS:


It’s so ME!

Oh, and my new BFFs also wanted to know if I’d like to create my own custom laptop skin and since I can’t have everything that I own have my face on it,  (or CAN I?) I decided to select one of their own pre-made skins.

I thought this old typewriter skin was kind of fun, however I came pretty darn close to selecting this leopard print one.  And since receiving both items, I’ve immediately put them into daily action.

… although I just realized I was holding the phone upside down. Might this by why I couldn’t hear the other party?  😜 #duhh

Think you’d like to get something fun from CaseApp for yourself or for others?  Just use code TURQUOISE20 now through Dec 13, 2015 and you’ll receive a 20% discount.  Click here to start shopping.

And check this out, CaseApp would also like to give one More Than Turquoise follower a $40 gift card!   To enter this fab giveaway, simply type CaseApp in the comment section of this post.

* Must be over 18 and live in the U.S.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM PST on December 13, 2015 .  Winner will be notified via email.