We’re all familiar with Soft Surroundings, right? You know, the catalog that arrives in our mailbox every month or so that offers you soft, stylish and quality clothing, jewelry and accessories, shoes, home goods, beauty products and more.

Recently, Soft Surroundings asked if I’d like to try something from their catalog that I had neither seen or heard of  before: Baby Foot. ~ umm, what?

Baby Foot is a simple way to baby soft feet.   The product contains 17 types of natural extracts that allow your feet to exfoliate naturally, leaving them super moisturized.  Simply by wearing the Baby Foot booties for one hour, you will remove unwanted dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer.  ~ umm, what?

Ok, so I know this all may sound a tad weird/gross, BUT have you ever tried to play footsies with your love and their response was “OUCH!”  ~  if so, you might want to give Baby Foot a try.  I did, and here’s how it went for me:

(Above is where all the blogging magic takes place. You’d think that somehow there would be something more, right?)

  •  I wore the booties on a Saturday while writing a few blog posts in my somewhat disheveled office.  After an hour, I  rinsed off my feet and wondered just what exactly was in store for me, as my feet felt kinda tingly.
  •  Sunday:  Nothing.   Did I miss some critical step here?  Should I not have rinsed off my feet?
  •  Monday: Still Nothing.  Ok.  My Baby Foot isn’t working.
  •  Tuesday:  The bottoms of my feet look dirty.  Something major is about to go down …
  •  Wednesday:  LET THE PEELING BEGIN.  Holy cow!
  •  Thursday:  Still peeling.  Have I gone down a shoe size???
  •  Friday:  Almost done peeling, with the exception of a few areas on the tops of my feet.
  •  Saturday:  The softiest, smoothiest, most footsie-est playing feet EVER! #OMG!

Baby Foot works differently on everyone and can be used by both women and men.  Some people might peel for weeks. Trying the Baby Foot was quite a different experience, but I must say, the outcome turned out great because my feet were super soft!

They were SO soft, one could go so far as to consider them

Louboutin worthy.