So, unless you don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or surf the internet ~ then you know that just one week ago the fabulous Le Diner en Blanc ~ Albuquerque was held. As an attendee of  last year’s inaugural DEB, I was very aware of the event expectations:  WHITE.

When this year’s date was released, I did what every good fashionista should do.

I took everything out of my closet that was solid white and hung it on my rolling rack.  Wait.  You don’t have a rolling rack?

Because, you see, everything you wear to Diner en Blanc must be white and THAT, my friends,  is specifically what I want to focus this blog post on  … but more on that in just a minute.

Ok, surely by now, you all have seen images either on TV or in your facebook feed of how this fabulous event went down.  Please allow me to share how it went for me:

On that way to DEB, I posted on Instagram that I was “heading YOUR way, DEB” because that is what a good fashion blogger does so that YOU, dear follower, won’t miss a single, awesome moment. This was, of course, assuming you were still awake.

After boarding our bus, my husband and I and 1,198 other attendees, arrived at the secret destination ~ the National Hispanic Cultural Center ~ and prepared for set up.  Everyone brought their own tables and chairs,  china and silverware, their special centerpieces and their party attitude!

We all quickly set up our tables in the rows that we were designated, gathered up our food and beverages and proudly decorated our tables.

Our dinner began the moment the napkins were waved …

… and, this year, we were all treated to The Wow Factor.

The ballet repertory theater of New Mexico who danced their way down the pyramid-style steps to the attendees.  It was a total WOW!

My husband and I enjoyed our dinner that we had pre-ordered from Slate Street Cafe and consumed our fair share of  fine wines from VARA Wines.

And since, Diner en Blanc is a gathering of friends, it was now time to mingle.  I ran into so many friends and then spied one of my besties, Jennifer …

… who looked gorgeous in her outfit from Hopeless + Cause Atelier.

I then headed to the dance floor with my husband, as this party was jumpin’, jumpin’ jumpin’ …  where my husband busted his famous robot dance moves.  No pictures were taken because once you’ve seen these moves their image is permanently embedded in your brain.

The dancing and mingling continued thoughout the evening and the ritual of lighting the sparklers took place … Now,  how beautiful is this???

My sparkler was the last to light, however I had no problem catching my napkin and part of my chair on fire first.

No worries,  I just threw my wine on it.

Near the end of the evening, I looked up and noticed an amazing full moon.

Even more WOW factor.

At the very end , we all packed up our belongings, threw our trash away and boarded our buses to go home.  WHAT A MEMORABLE EVENING IT WAS!  Thank you to the entire DEBABQ team who magically put it all together.

But now, I must return to this:

Everyone:  This fab event is NOT Diner en Khaki, nor is it Diner en Gray.  It is also not Diner en “I’m going to accent my outfit with pops of orange” or Diner en multi-colored strappy sandal”. 

This fab event is Le Diner en Blanc.  THE * DINNER * IN * WHITE.

Looking forward to seeing you next year in all your PEARLY WHITES ~ ♥ 🙂 ♥