I think the French are really great at a lot of things, but Leaders Of The Pack at one thing in particular: COOKING.

So, today I thought I would share with you what I just learned about how to make THE perfect french omelet and pass along some fun tips, as well.  Some of these tips may even shock you.

omelette(image: bored doe)

1:  You must dedicate one  (1) pan to making omelets ONLY.  Nothing else.  Your chicken breast, turkey bacon and quesadilla shall never make contact with this pan…EVER.

angry_brush_girlGot it? Or me, my dog and my hair brush are comin’ over. ONE pan!

2:  You only need 1 tablespoon of butter, or slightly less. Crank up the burner to medium-high and melt the butter.  When it foams and begins to subside, then you tip and roll the pan to insure the bottom and the sides are coated with butter.

3: Add 2 eggs lightly beaten with a fork.  Do NOT pulverize the yolks and the eggs whites (like I do) and do NOT add water, milk or any of your omelet fillings.  You should see chunks of yoke and egg white.  DO add salt and pepper.

4:  (trickiest part) With a fork make 2-3 circle motions around the bottom while you tip and roll the pan with the other hand. This creates the “layers” in the omelet and it only takes a few seconds. Then lower the heat to medium-low.

Feeling like a French chef yet?

5: Add any filling on top of the omelet.  NOTE:  This means you had to pre-cook whatever this is.  Mushrooms, chicken, etc. .. then add cheese, whatever. 

6: Turn off the heat.  Your eggs will continue to cook.  When the egg is the consistency you want (a slightly runny egg produces the most moist and tender omelet) just fold one edge of the omelet towards the center and lift the handle of your pan and roll the omelet onto your pan.  Voilà!

The last (somewhat shocking, but yet apparently this is “old school” French) tip I learned…you should never clean your designated omelet pan with dish soap and water.

funny_cat_pictures_318After the omelet is made, sprinkle the pan generously with ordinary table salt and let the pan sit.  The salt absorbs the butter and later you just wipe it, and any trace of food, away.  (Hey ~  I am simply the messenger here. You can decide if you’re  going to clean your pan this way or not.  I’m thinkin’ I might stick to soap and hot water and just stock pile a bunch of pans in the house).

What I do know FOR SURE is once you try this omelet cooking method, your tummy is going to say Très Bien”!

You’re welcome.