I had initially planned to meet my fun girlfriend, Mary Ellen, for lunch a few weeks ago just to talk about girl stuff… but when she showed up wearing this:

treasureWhat in the heck else were we supposed to talk about?  This is what’s known as a TREASURE necklace.

ME1Mary Ellen has been working with her hands since she was a young girl. She started with embroidery and then began weaving ~ which then led her to sewing and needlepointing. (Her needlepoint work is simply out of this world!)  Needlepointing helped Mary Ellen develop an appreciation for precision stitchery and her skills naturally led her to beadweavings.  Beadweaving then started her on the path to creating amazing pieces of jewelry.

WHEW! I’m exhausted just from writing this and I’ve done no actual work with my hands…except for,  you know…typing.


Mary Ellen credits her friend, Jane, as her beading mentor and the person who taught her to see a design on the bead tray.  Jane guided her through the treasure necklace, which was her first beading project. (I have highlighted Jane on this blog as a Fashionable Friend and someone I admire, as well.)

Mary Ellen’s lifetime experiences in such diverse handiwork has resulted in wearable art, one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are sought after by collectors all over the nation.

A Treasure Necklace is compiled of an assortment of beads, spacers and findings, along with keepsakes, memories and treasures that are personal to YOU. Take for example the necklace that Mary Ellen made for herself. It includes:

  • a peace sign from the 60’s
  • a dear friend’s High School pin
  • an aquamarine and diamond gold ring from a trip to Hong Kong
  • a watch face that was a high school graduation present from her parents
  • Her Grandma Aggies’s ruby engagement and wedding ring
  • A mini buffalo head coin

necklace 1How awesome is that?  Wouldn’t you love to have your own treasure necklace full of your very special memories?

Mary Ellen doesn’t just make treasure necklaces, although those are my fave, here’s a sampling of some of her other work:

me pearlsI’ll take one of these, please.

me multiOk, and this set too.

me silverWhere is my OTHER credit card?

Mary Ellen sells her work  through galleries, retailers and wholesalers and  she also writes a very interesting blog; Mary Ellen Beads. Like Jane, who was paying it forward by initially teaching Mary Ellen ~ Mary Ellen is now paying it forward for all  More Than Turquoise followers.

Here’s the exciting part!  If you subscribe to Mary Ellen’s monthy newsletter; Soul Juice, (just click HERE) she will send you her E-book to teach you how you can make your own unique and most cherished treasure necklace for yourself!

Wait…there’s MORE!  When you subscribe, Mary Ellen will give you an additional  E-book on how to make a fabulous display box to showcase your new necklace.  NO charge for either book. Zip…Zilch…Nada…FREE! 

So enjoy this very special gift from Mary Ellen.  If you’d rather have Mary Ellen create something for you herself ~ just contact her directly ~ this is what she DOES.

Since this is the season of giving, PLEASE ~ Pay It Forward!  Share this with all your friends and loved ones.


I think I just earned my wings!

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